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It is common for Offices, Factories, Call Centres, Hostels, Schools, Clubs and Hospitals to operate their own cafeterias for their employees and students. However, managing the cafeteria attendance and consumption is a challenging process. Manual and paper based processes are cumbersome and error-prone, leading to inaccuracies and wastage of time and material. Many companies do not have their own infrastructure to manage their canteen. So they give the responsibility of their canteen management to different catering service providers. It is very difficult for both the company and the canting service provider to manually keep accounts in pen and paper for this purpose. Unauthorized users cannot be blocked using the manual canteen management system. It is very difficult to ever get a proper account using a manual system.
Our ECMS software is perfect for solving all these problems. A unique solution designed for big set-ups which offers dining facility in their canteen to employees. ECMS is designed to create transparency between the employee, company and vendor. It reduces the worry of unauthorized usage where as software helps to automate the complete process.
We use contact less, face recognized based attendance device with Industrial Model thermal Printer which linked with our canteen management software which prints the coupon. The printed coupon acts as a record for the vendor where as the input data acts a record for admin.

Features of
Canteen Management system

Manage Staff

Manage multiple Staff Canteens (at single or multiple locations) with a central database.

Prevent unauthorized access

By using contact less face recognize system. You can use Biometric (Fingerprint) or Proxy card. But for COVID situation face recognize system is the best solution for user authentication.

HR can add guest or visitor

by using his online panel with his authentication and Issue and validate Guest coupons.

Block and unblock the canteen facility

Admin can block and unblock the canteen facility for any particular student or employee.

Employees can check Month Wise Food Statement

Employees can log in and find out how many breakfasts, lunches and dinners they have had throughout the month.

Caterar have their own panel to check Month Wise Food Statement

Catering service providers also have their own panel that they can use to find out how many breakfast, lunches and dinners have been issued throughout the month or day.

Provide APIs for Payroll integration

We Provide APIs for Payroll integration to deduct employee/Student meal expenses.

Save time

Save time for user authentication.

customize report and dashboard

Informative customize report and dashboard. Reports support PDF, Excel and CSV.

web based software

This is a web based software. So you can manage multiple staff canteen with a single software.

customize software

The big advantage of this software is the customization. You can customize this software according to the canteen system of your organization.

Contact Less Operation

No need to touch anything to create canteen coupons.

Transaction Reports

  • Employee wise Daily Consumption Report.
  • Employee wise Monthly Consumption Report
  • Employee wise Daily Consumption Summary
  • Employee wise Monthly Consumption Summary.
  • Company wise food statement
  • Month wise food statement
  • Food timing wise statement
  • Customize Vendor-wise reports for payable verification
  • Reports with categories for Employees, Departments, Vendors, Items, etc.

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